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The Best Air Purifier: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Air pollution has been a problem for decades. However, because of the many events that transpired recently, air pollution, as a potential health hazard, has become one global mission for ourselves and our families.

Is There An Air Purifier That Kills COVID?

The pandemic due to the coronavirus caught its spotlight when medical experts found that COVID-19 is most highly transmissible through air, and its droplets can infect anyone who is exposed to the contaminated air. 

The need for a reliable air purifier is now high to combat poor air quality. The one that can trap pathogens and protect you from COVID is a great HEPA air purifier.

What Is the Best Air Purifier on the Market for 2022?

The year 2022 is the time when people become overly cautious about their health and that COVID scare prompts them to ensure that the air they breathe is sanitised.

Air purifiers are designed not just for protection against COVID-19 but also against a variety of viruses, dust, pollen, pet dander and allergens that can trigger respiratory issues.

Here are simple tips to help you choose the right one.

1. Understand Your Need

You can decide better when you know what you need. For those who are struggling with allergies, there are purifiers that are made specifically to filter allergens. People who are suffering from asthma may be triggered by strong odour and chemicals, while those with pets need to deal with constant dander. 

Living in an area that is prone to bushfires is also a deciding factor in helping you pick the best air purifier in Australia. Certain purifiers are better at filtering certain elements because it is designed with a specific environment in mind. 

2. Consider the Room Size

In order for the air purifier to be efficient, room size should be considered. Every purifier comes with a recommended space. Measure the area of the room you want to cover and choose a purifier that is capable of cleaning bigger than the computed space. 

For example, if the room is 46.45 square metres in size, a purifier that is able to cover 65 square metres of space is a perfect choice because it will be able to clean faster and efficiently without straining the machine.

3. Look for the Features

Check specific features of the best air purifier in Australia that meets your space size and other specs. Once you have a list of the features, decide for the best value for your money. Some common features you will find are:

Sensor and Timer

Certain purifiers have sensors to indicate the amount of pollution in the air, as well as the temperature and humidity in the air. Once it reaches a certain level, it will automatically activate the air purifier. It can be connected to your phone app, so you’ll get to check and control it.

Types of Filter

One of the most important filters is the HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It can filter up to 99.97% of small particles, such as mould, smoke and dust. It can trap particles up to 0.3 micron, making a HEPA air purifier the best one in the market.

Carbon filters are great for trapping odours and VOCs, while UV sterilising filters can kill viruses and mould. Certain purifiers feature ionic or ozone filters, but they show a low level of effectiveness. 


Air purifiers come in many fan speeds. If you want the room air cleaned quickly, a powerful fan is needed to move the air, but the unit can be noisy, especially during night time.  When a purifier doesn’t have a fan, it may end up purifying the surrounding air only and not the whole room. Good air circulation is vital in keeping the air inside a room clean. 


Portability is convenient. Choose an air purifier that you can bring and transfer from one room to another. Large units must have wheels for easy movement.

Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Air purifier is worth the money. Despite the many opinions regarding the effectiveness of an air purifier, it proves to be useful in reducing the risk of indoor air pollution and improving ventilation. The cleaner the air, the less you get sick either because of the virus or allergens. 

RENSAIR: The World’s Best Air Purifier

The best air purifier in Australia is the RENSAIR portable air purifier. It can eliminate up to 99.97% viruses and bacteria because of its H13 HEPA filter and 18W UVC lamp. It has a low noise level at 59 dbA when set on high settings, and its patented design makes it one of the trusted purifiers in the world and currently being used in business facilities and hospitals.

RENSAIR air purifiers not only protect you from the coronaviruses but also from fungi, spores, particulates from vehicles, dust mites, cigarette smoke, strong odour and dust.

Are you going to look for something else? Contact us now. Cleanstar is a proud distributor of RENSAIR HEPA air purifiers.