Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing Provides Exceptional Air Quality for Students with Rensair


Emblazoned in orange on the doormat of the Sadhana Yoga & Wellbeing studio are the words, Leave the World at the Door. Founder Gerry Lopez designed the studio, which fuses the power of yoga and body movement with holistic therapies, as a peaceful place where students could do just that. Yet, during COVID it’s been a challenge to leave everything at the door, most notably the coronavirus. 


Fortunately, Lopez had introduced Sadhana Live, an online experience that allows students to experience yoga through the comfort of their home. Yet reopening the studio was always his goal. “It’s important to bring people together and allow them to come back to the studio they love,” he says. “It’s also incredibly important that we do everything we can to keep our students and staff safe.” 

With safety a priority, Lopez reduced class size by 30%, mandated hand washing on entering, and encouraged everyone to bring mats and towels from home. Yet, he says most important was addressing air quality and purification. “When you are doing a yoga class, or a body movement class with other people in the room, you are sharing the air,” says Lopez. “We’ve always had a great ventilation system but now we had to have one that was exceptional.” 

Lopez did a fair amount of research to find which air purifying system could provide a safer space. “We needed a technology that could purify the air even better, could capture and kill viruses, and was potent enough to exchange the liters of air we needed for a class,” he says. He also wanted a system with easy installation and operation, and it had to be affordable.

He found the Rensair air purifying system more than met his requirements. “Having the Rensair air purification system has been great,” he says. The staff and students appreciate it too. “It’s as if you were practicing yoga outdoors in the middle in the park.”

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