Rensair Solves King’s College School Wimbledon Air Purification Challenges


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King’s College School, Wimbledon is an independent co-ed school that is renowned for its high standards. As one of the most academically successful schools in the world, it was determined that the pandemic would not impede its student’s scholastic achievements. Despite lockdowns, remote learning, and implementing measures to assure a safe return to school, King’s never faltered, running several clubs and societies as well as organising remote games fixtures. 

COVID-19 measures at King’s

This success can be attributed to the school’s continual reviewal and application of COVID-19 mitigation recommendations. As a means of keeping parents apprised, Headmaster Andrew Halls posts The COVID Irregular, an online newsletter with occasional updates on COVID-19 as it relates to the King’s community. In the New Year issue, the Headmaster reported that during the Christmas break 2020 the school had commissioned a ventilation review of all key spaces, with the assistance of an M&E consultant. The purpose of which was to mitigate the viral spread, in the light of increasing evidence that airborne particles transmit COVID-19. 

On recommendation, King’s placed Rensair air purification devices where required.  

King’s also installed CO2 monitors to track and address ventilation levels, as well as continuing the maintenance of high levels of surface hygiene with deep, daily cleaning. Masks, room ventilation, hand washing and sanitizing also remain essential. 

Why Rensair?

For King’s College School, Rensair has been an efficient and practical solution to air purification. Claudia Gibson, Estates Bursar at King’s remarked that Rensair is both effective and simple to use, especially during these unprecedented times in which educational institutions are particularly busy, ensuring that pupils can continue to learn in a COVID safe environment. Rensair gives us a reassurance that by improving air quality within classrooms, alongside other mitigating measures that we have in place we can limit the spread of the virus and protect against further outbreaks within the school. She further remarked that the product remains quiet whilst in use and has a clean and practical design. The portability of the device is also an advantage as it gives us an element of flexibility when assessing different areas. Feedback from both students and teachers has been positive. 

Rensair at KCS