Rensair puts Eye Like Art gallery back in business


If you are in the market for true wall candy, Eye Like Gallery in Beaconsfield just outside London is a clear go to. Equally important, you can enter safely, knowing that the air is constantly being purified of viruses and bacteria.

The gallery was founded in 2014 by Saro Brindley, who has always seen the gallery as an extension of her own home. She recognized early on that, in a post lock-down world, cleaning the air for her customers and employees was equally as important as cleaning surfaces and taking hygienic precautions upon entering the store.

Saro Brindley, founder of Eye Like

“I run an art gallery in retail and it is important to me that my customers and employees feel comfortable. Otherwise they won’t come in. We have a small space without many doors or windows, so cleaning the air is critical. Especially when autumn and winter comes, as it will be difficult to keep the door open” Saro, director and founder of Eye Like.

She further highlights: “Working practices are changing. It’s more likely that I don’t work with the same pod of people weekly. With people migrating in at any time of day, any day of the week, it’s more important than ever that indoor air is constantly cleaned. What I particularly like is that Rensair uses UVC to kill all the bad things it captures.”

In implementing measures to ensure the gallery is holistically clean and safe, Saro knows her gallery will stand out against competition as a comfortable and welcoming environment that encourages customers to come in without worry. The Rensair “Clean Air” sticker in her window provides reassurance to customers.

EyeLike Gallery using Rensair hospital grade air purification

Saro notes that she chose to reply on Rensair air purification because “I was reading early American Public reports and journals about coronavirus and its airborne transmission, which made me look for a clean air solution for my gallery. Individuals can be responsible for their own health by washing hands, wearing masks etc. but for airborne cleanliness there is very little one can do… Rensair now fulfills that job at Eye Like; and visually the design fits into the style of my extended home”.

For Saro, a robust, permanent solution was important too: “Life isn’t about gloves and masks forever. I wanted to invest in something that I can use forever rather than just a temporary PPE measure. As a business owner you have to ensure the foundation of where you’re working is clean.”

London is successfully reopening its in-person commerce, which is a critical step in helping businesses thrive. Rensair is focused on not only helping businesses on the opening, but also on the footfall that supports the revival. Helping businesses take effective precautions to ensure customers and employees are as safe as possible in today’s environment is at the core of Rensair’s mission.


Rensair is hospital-grade air purification in a portable solution. Originally developed for hospitals in Scandinavia the technology meets strict requirements. The Rensair air purifier destroys viruses and bacteria while most conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap. It is a patented solution that uses the most advanced purification technology incl. HEPA13 filters and UVC light.

In light of Covid-19 the technology has now been made available to businesses globally.

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