Rensair makes the grade for French schools


Three schools in France – ESAO, EPIN, and New School Lyon – have specified Rensair portable air purifiers to protect health and promote learning through clean air.

“In order to respond to the concerns of parents and to offer better measures of health, comfort, and safety to pupils, students, and teaching staff, we have decided to clean the air and equip our establishments with Rensair portable air purifiers”, says Alexandre Gelbard, Président of ESAO, EPIN, and New School Lyon.


Founded in 1993,  the European School of Animal Osteopathy (ESAO) is the first major educational establishment of its kind, with facilities in Lisieux and in Brighton in the UK. Animal osteopathy involves musculoskeletal and myo-fascial manipulations, administered manually and externally. Students learn structural, visceral and cranial methods with the objective of qualifying to perform osteopathic consultations.

Commenting on the reason for selecting Rensair, Alexandre says: “Indeed, their technology is hospital grade, with efficiency recognised by independent scientific laboratories for its ability to capture and destroy bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, suspended in the air, from 99.97% and up to 100% eradication after 30 minutes of operation.”


The contract to supply Rensair units also extended to EPIN school in Vitry-sur-Seine, near Paris, and New School in Lyon.

EPIN has been welcoming pupils from 6ème to Terminale for nearly 60 years. Offering both general and technological training (STMG course), the school revolves around three main axes: personalised support, orientation and cultural openness.

New School is a bilingual French/English school covering pre-school, kindergarten and primary stages of education. Its ethos is about taking into account the child as a whole, with a range of activities and an emphasis on personalised care.

One of the key school governance concerns was to ensure that, while improving indoor air quality, safety was not compromised in any way. “Our school teams are reassured that we are purifying the air with high-end equipment that works without emitting any element dangerous to health, unlike ozone disinfection, cold plasma or photocatalysis methods”, concludes Alexandre.