RENSAIR HEPA Air Purifiers for School Facilities

Benefits of HEPA Air Filters for School Facilities

As society slowly opens and students are heading back to school, teachers, building managers and principals are now finding ways to make their spaces as safe as possible. Although every educational facility may be different, everyone aims to improve their indoor air quality for a safe reopening of schools.

Several studies showed how beneficial proper air circulation and ventilation could be in reducing COVID-19 transmission. That’s why a growing number of establishments, especially schools, are now getting HEPA air filters for schools.

Why You Should Get HEPA Air Filters for School Facilities 

Alleviate asthma symptoms

Thousands of kids who live with asthma have inflamed bronchial tubes. Exposure to allergens, such as pet dander, dust mites and pollen, can irritate the airways, causing them to have asthma attacks.

Pollen particles can be carried by the breeze and stick to clothes when you’re outside. Meanwhile, poor air circulation can cause humidity levels to spike and then create an ideal breeding ground for moulds and dust mites.

HEPA air filters in schools reduce these pathogens by trapping them and preventing them from spreading. As a result, they can help reduce asthma attacks for people suffering from allergies.

Get rid of harmful odour

Harmful pollutants and chemicals can penetrate a classroom no matter how hard you try to shut off all openings. Exposure to toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide, can cause various respiratory problems that can damage the lungs and affect a child’s cognitive function.

HEPA air filters for schools can help purify the air with their activated carbon feature that traps chemicals as they recycle fresh air inside the room. At the same time, these filters also absorb and cleanse chemical contaminants from the air. HEPA air filters use a porous form of carbon to eliminate odour from the air, keeping all classrooms smelling clean and fresh.

Reduce the chances of spreading airborne diseases

Airborne diseases, such as COVID-19 and the common flu, spread through minute pathogens that float around the area. If any of the students catches the virus, only time will tell when the rest of the class will get sick.

Using air purifiers with HEPA filters guarantees that these harmful germs and pathogens won’t have any room to spread. When you use products that capture these pathogens, you are safeguarding everyone inside the room. They’re highly ideal for various establishments, such as offices and classrooms.

Eliminate radon

Buildings can sometimes have naturally occurring radioactive elements like uranium to break down and produce radon gas. What’s risky about radon is that it’s odourless and colourless, making it difficult to trace the actual source.

Exposure to radon gas can be detrimental to a person’s body, especially to the lungs. It can damage the cells, which eventually leads to cancer. To help reduce the risk of radon exposure, using HEPA air purifiers in every classroom is a must. The filters inside it can capture radon gas and other particles, shielding you from their adverse effects.

Protect respiratory health

Indoor air pollution can have detrimental consequences on a person’s body, primarily the respiratory system. Regular exposure to the harmful gases and toxic chemicals from various cleaning products can take a toll on a person’s body as they accumulate in the lungs.

Having an excellent air purifier with HEPA air filtration for schools can effectively trap the fine particles, providing you with ideal air quality.


An Effective Strategy for Air Filtration

Air purifiers are essential in cleaning the air by filtering the space from allergens, pollutants and other harmful toxins. Given their excellent features, installing HEPA air purifiers in schools is a practical and effective way to clear potentially transmittable aerosols fast.

Air purifiers with HEPA air filters for school operate by mechanical filtration as the device forces air to pass through a fine mesh, trapping particles and other contaminants in the process. They are highly effective devices for filtering airborne bacteria and viruses that may otherwise spread inside the building.

COVID-19 spreads through inhalation from shared air. As COVID-19 particles normally linger in indoor spaces, using air purifiers with HEPA air filtration for schools can trap these particles and remove them from the room.

Clean Air with RENSAIR

RENSAIR HEPA air filters for schools can help eliminate harmful particles from any indoor space, primarily in classrooms and other enclosed areas. They are hospital-grade and highly effective in any kind of space, no matter its size. These air purifiers trap and destroy airborne bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

RENSAIR is an expert in air purification systems that meet the air purification standards. To learn more about our products, contact us today.