RENSAIR HEPA Air Purifiers for Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and Restaurants

In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is a must. Yet, even the cleanest restaurants and hotels may have persistent problems with air quality – a serious concern that affects both guests and business owners. 

One way you can protect customers staying in a hotel or eating in a restaurant is the use of HEPA air purifiers. These air purifiers can control the spread of particles and reduce contamination. They are used to filter air circulation in various settings, including hotels and restaurants. 

Benefits of HEPA Air Filter Usage in Hotels

There are four major contributors to poor air quality in hotels—bacteria, mould, dust mites and lack of ventilation. Other causes of poor air quality in hotels are fumes from building materials and paint, as well as chemical cleaners. 

HEPA air purifiers for hotels do more than just filtering air out. They catch and get rid of contaminants from allergens, dust particles, bacteria and odours to harmful chemicals and gases. These filters not only provide clean air, but also help owners reduce consumption of energy and carbon footprint. Here are some other benefits of using HEPA air purifiers in hotels.

  • Eliminates Harmful Radon 

The disintegration of radioactive elements that are occurring naturally in certain building materials produces a radioactive gas called radon. It is an odourless and colourless gas released from building materials like granite, soil and rocks. Radon can damage your lung cell linings which can potentially lead to cancer. 

  • Removes Asbestos Particles 

Asbestos particles are hazardous. If you inhale them, they can cause a lung disease that can create lung tissue scarring. Some common symptoms of asbestosis are swelling in the face and neck, difficulty swallowing and loss of appetite. These can also increase the risk of lung cancer. 


  • Helps Improve Sleep 

You’ll feel daytime drowsiness if you don’t have enough sleep. This can affect your productivity the next day. The use of HEPA air purifiers in hotel rooms can help avoid sleep disruptions because they filter out allergens from your room. Clean air gives you a better sleep at night. 

  • Gets Rid of Harmful Chemicals 

Closing the doors and windows of your hotel room does not mean you can shut off external pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These gases are often found in places with high motor vehicular traffic that may get inside your hotel room. 

  • Eliminates Harmful Chemicals from Indoor Environments

Using HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon can sanitise these chemical pollutants, preventing the risk of possible health issues. This type of air purifier for hotels uses a highly porous form of carbon as a filtering medium in order to trap chemicals. It recycles fresh air back to your room. 

Benefits of HEPA Filter Usage in Restaurants

Commercial establishments like restaurants must rethink how to safeguard customers while being open during this time of the pandemic. One successful and simple solution is to install air purifiers for restaurants to help minimise the amount of airborne pollutants and irritants. These are some reasons why these purifiers are beneficial in the restaurant setting.

  • Reduces Odours and Cooking Fumes From the Kitchen 

The kitchen is perhaps one of the busiest places in a restaurant. Stoves, grills and ovens are always running and cooking delicious food, but producing smell and smoke. An exceptional HEPA air purifier system can reduce these odours and cooking fumes. 

  • Removes Dust in the Air 

HEPA air purifiers in restaurants can significantly reduce the level of dust in the air. As a result, the chances of any allergy trigger get reduced. 

  • Mitigates the Bacteria and Viruses Present in the Air 

Bacteria and viruses can be airborne, meaning they can spread in the air. The moment you sneeze or cough, the small particles can send off flying which can possibly infect other people. However, HEPA air filters can pull even the smallest particles off the air, including bacteria and viruses. 

  • Customers Feel Secure 

Restaurants have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the reopening, many are still not allowed to open and operate normally for safety precautions. The use of HEPA air purifiers in restaurants will put patrons at ease, considering that they can help eliminate the presence of viruses and bacteria in the air. This is a win-win situation for restaurant owners and the guests. 

Clean Air with RENSAIR

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