Rensair Helps Layla Mae’s Beauty Salon Stay Open

Massage with Air Purifier

At long last, beauty salons are reopening in Switzerland. Layla Mae’s Beauty feels good about opening their doors now that they have a Rensair air purifier in place. “Our current ventilation system is good and we’re able to bring in clean air from outside, so fresh oxygenated air is being circulated throughout the salon,” says Carla, owner of Layla Mae’s Beauty. “And having the Rensair air purification unit in the salon is a great way to reassure my clients that we are doing everything possible to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 infections.”

Layla Mae’s Beauty chose Rensair because of documented proof that it captures and kills 99.97% of airborne virus, bacteria and other pathogens, including the coronavirus. Rensair cleans the air with a patented technology that uses H13 HEPA filtration and UVC light.

“I read the latest SAGE report and I know that the UK NHS uses the same units in their hospitals, so that’s given me reassurance that I have the best solution in place,” says Carla.

“In the long run it makes business sense to have a solution in place that cleans the air of viruses and allergens,” she says. “It will help during flu season and with bacteria, pollen, mould, and odours too.”

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