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Maintenance Information and Service

Air is a medium carrying various particles, such as dust, pollen, dirt, dander, viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi. Bad odours and smoke also make the air dirty. Typically, air purifiers pull the air in through a series of filters to trap these particles and blow out the cleaned air with the help of a rotating fan.

About RENSAIR Air Purifier Maintenance

The RENSAIR Air Purifier is a patented portable air cleaner consisting of an H13 (medical-grade filter, EN 1822 class H13) HEPA air cleaner filter and a UVC lamp. Its air purification technology is recognised by experts as among the best air cleaners globally.

Minimal maintenance is required for this product. It is made of a robust metal shell which assures its durability. The H13 HEPA filter is able to last longer because dust and larger airborne particles are collected by the pre-filters. Therefore, you only need to replace the HEPA filter after about 9000 hours of continued use (approximately 1 year). Additionally, its UVC light is continuously illuminating the filter surface. This ensures the absence of contamination and thus, the safety of handling the filter during replacement.

Check the rating label on the back to see which RENSAIR version you have and see the maintenance instructions available.

  • Pre-filters

Clean the filters at least every 3 weeks, depending on how dirty they get from dust accumulation. Simply click to open and take out the pre-filter and clean with a vacuum or with a cloth.

  • HEPA filter and UVC lamp replacement

The indicator on the device’s digital display will tell you once it is time to replace the filter and lamp. The RENSAIR air purifier will operate for a life span of 9000 hours before needing a new filter and lamp. The steps for air filter cleaning are quite straightforward and guaranteed safe.

RENSAIR Air Purifier Replacement Set

RENSAIR offers a replacement HEPA Filter and UVC Lamp Set that can be ordered when the indicator on the digital display shows that both the HEPA filter and UVC lamp need to be changed.

HEPA Filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA filter) is a type of mechanical air filter. In theory and by standard, HEPA filters are able to remove 99.97% of airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns and above.

UVC Lamp

UV light is used to disinfect surfaces, water and air. The best air cleaners to purchase nowadays are purifiers equipped with UVC lamps in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. UVC is known to inactivate and kill airborne microorganisms.

UVC lamps are installed inside air cleaning machines for safety reasons because direct exposure to UV radiation can harm our eyes and skin. After the air passes through the pleated HEPA filters, the dirt-free air is subjected to UV light to kill harmful microorganisms present in the air. This technological combination ensures that the air circulating in your room is dust-free and germ-free.

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