Rensair adds respiratory care to cosmetic & skin treatment clinic


Evolve Medical, a pioneering cosmetic & skin treatment clinic in Pudsey, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, has selected Rensair air purification to safeguard its patients and staff.

With a team of plastic surgeons, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and therapists, Evolve Medical is a private medical clinic registered with the Care Quality Commission. It offers a range of anti-ageing and rejuvenation treatments, as well as laser treatments for hair removal, facial thread veins and moles. 

Evolve Medical, Pudsey

“Patient care is our number one priority”, said Clinic Manager Sally Coope. “That means providing not just safe medical procedures but a safe environment. With the pandemic we realised that we had a duty of care to look after the respiratory health of our patients. But we had no expertise in air purification.” 

After seeking advice and assessing options, the team selected Rensair’s air purification units, which use a combination of H13 HEPA filtration and germicidal UVC light to trap and destroy virus particles with a minimum efficacy of 99.97%. In fact, HEPA filtration achieves 99.99% efficacy when trapping the typical size of Coronavirus aerosol particles (sub 0.1 micron) and the typical size that Coronavirus particles are transmitted when enveloped in respiratory fluid droplets (above 10 microns), leaving nothing but pure air. 

Rensair unit inside the Evolve Medical premises

Commenting on the decision to install Rensair units, Sally said: “Rensair were incredibly helpful from start to finish. We had no idea on the type or quantity of units we needed, so their advice was great. We now have two units in our theatre, the noise is minimal and they are very easy to use.” 

“At Evolve Medical, we take a holistic medical approach to promote the health and wellbeing of all our clients”, adds Sally. “Thinking beyond the pandemic, Rensair’s air purification is an extension of that promise, as it eliminates all manner of pathogens, allergens and toxic vehicle particulates. Clean air contributes to our mission to help patients become ‘the best version of you’.”