Purple Dragon Play Offers a Safe Play Environment with Rensair Air Purification


Many call Purple Dragon the world’s best playroom. This family members’ club in Chelsea, London opened 10 years ago. It offers signature adventures, experiences, and classes, plus unstructured activities where children can play in a safe and enriching environment. 

Then in 2020 COVID-19 hit and safety became a critical issue. Sharai Meyers, founder and CEO of Purple Dragon, says how to provide safe indoor air quality was a primary concern. “All the signs seem to indicate that having good air flow is critical to being able to make your environment better,” she says.

Meyers set to work. “We did a lot of research into things we could do to be COVID secure that were a little outside of the normal box, including using sterilizing and electrostatic spraying,” she says. Yet, she still needed something that could enhance and improve the air quality. While scrolling online Meyers found the solution. “I was thrilled when we came across Rensair,” she says.

Like many businesses, Purple Dragon was in an older building and changing the entire filtration system just wasn’t possible. Rensair, an air purifying system they could just wheel in, was perfect. “Having a product that we could just bring straight in, one that was timely, inoffensive and didn’t just deal with circulation but also with killing any pathogens through UVC–all of those just felt like such big wins–so, it was an easy decision.” Find out more about Rensair’s unique technology.

In addition, Meyers thought that a new air filtration system would be an expensive retrofit. She found, however, that Rensair was affordable. “Having something that was a much lighter touch, from a finance point of view, really made sense for us,” she says.

Members have asked what the Rensair units are, and it delights Meyers to tell them. “Rensair doesn’t just circulate the air, but it also kills the virus!” she says. “That’s a really important and clever part of what it does.”

Meyers wanted to make the Purple Dragon environment safe for families, and Rensair helped her achieve that goal. “Rensair played a huge part in giving our members the confidence to come back and play,” she says.

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Rensair is helping Purple Dragon create a safer environment for families