Prince Charles Cinema Declares Things Are Looking Good With Rensair


As you might expect, Greg Lynn of Prince Charles Cinema says the global pandemic has been tough for his industry. “It’s been a very trying time for us,” he says. 

Greg, who has overseen the running and the development of the Cinema since the early 90s, is proud that the Prince Charles is the last independent cinema in the whole of London’s West End. “We’ve been here since the 90s showing an eclectic film program that has something for everyone,” he says. That was until coronavirus forced the theatre to shutter its doors.

The Cinema, however, enjoys a huge membership, and they have shown their loyalty. “We have now sold 5,000 advance tickets since we announced that we are going to reopen, which has been fantastic,” says Greg. “It’s given us a strong sense that we have an audience that is going to stick by us through this.” 

There was joy when the venue reopened. “It’s been emotional for everybody involved,” says Greg. “But last night seeing everyone back at the venue really brought it home that we may be OK.” 

Greg says the COVID-19 safety measures they must put in place are pretty standard throughout the industry. “We follow all the guidelines handed down by the government, so we have safety screens and have incorporated social distancing.” Yet, the Cinema always tries to do the best they can for their customers and staff, so they did something different. “We wanted to make sure that our customers knew we are going the extra mile, which led me to look for ways to combat potential airborne viruses inside the venue,” he says.

On social media, the Prince Charles Cinema has informed customers that they are using Rensair air purification

Greg spoke with some six different companies offering somewhat similar ideas on air purification. “Rensair was the only one that showed me hard clinical background and laboratory tests that proved they were actually killing viruses, which the others couldn’t,” he says. “The machines are fantastic and they are easy to use.”

The Cinema already had an excellent air handling system in place that fully exchanged the venue’s air between eight and 12 times an hour. “Now, with Rensair, we can also clean the air with ultraviolet technology that kills coronavirus, so what could be better?”

The Cinema has purchased five Rensair units for the venue and let their customers know about the measures they have taken. “It shows we are going above and beyond the expected in our efforts to provide the safest environment possible for both our customers and staff,” says Greg. 

Greg is optimistic that they can get through the rest of the year. “Things are looking good,” he says. “Things are looking good with Rensair.”

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Prince Charles Cinema has placed Rensair air purifiers in each screen to keep customers and employees safe