What Is A HEPA Filter?

You can get exposed to air pollution no matter where you are, even when at home. Pollen, dust mites, pet dander and even mould spores can penetrate your inside, causing various health problems, such as asthma and allergies. One way to prevent these adverse effects from happening is by using vacuums and HEPA filter air …

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Commercial Air Purifiers

Having pristine air quality, whether in homes, businesses or commercial properties, is what we all need, especially that COVID-19 is still a present threat. Since the start of the pandemic, together with the global efforts to mitigate the spread of infection across populations, there has been a heightened focus on determining preventive measures. What are …

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HEPA Air Purifiers for Filtering Dust and Air Disinfection

How good is your home or office air quality?  The World Health Organization and even CHOs in Australia advise that ventilation is important in the current climate. Your home is designed to protect you from outside pollutants. However, you might not realise that you are also exposed to indoor pollutants and particles. Undoubtedly, these contaminants …

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Clearing the air

Once largely ignored or misunderstood, indoor air quality in buildings and facilities is now firmly on the radar for the cleaning industry as a result of the highly transmissible nature of the COVID-19 virus. Of all the wake-up calls that COVID-19 has sounded for cleaners and facility managers during the pandemic, one is really starting …

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