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Interesting Facts About an Air Purifier HEPA Filter Uncovered

Most people do not seem concerned about the quality of the air they breathe until they encounter a problem with their health.

If you are currently suffering from allergies or has anyone in the household having respiratory problems, perhaps you have been planning to purchase an air purifier. Also, maybe you have heard about using HEPA filters in air purifiers.

If you want a significant difference in your home’s air quality, learn more how HEPA air filters work and how they are your best chance of clean indoor air.

What Is Special About a HEPA Filter?

HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters are made of interwoven glass fibres. These mechanised air filters work by forcing air via a fine mesh that captures particles, such as pollen, dander, dust and tobacco smoke.

The following are benefits of having a HEPA filter air purifier.

1. Naturally Treats Allergies

If you are prone to allergy, you are more likely to suffer from respiratory complications because of poor indoor air quality. Even worse, dirt, dust, pollens, dander and other small particles exacerbate your existing allergy symptoms.

What you can do is to install HEPA air filters in your air purifier to trap allergens, remove your symptoms and improve the health of everyone in your household.

2. No Byproducts

Some air filters are hyped as some of the best units on the market. But the truth is they emit harmful byproducts into your indoor air. HEPA filters are engineered to work efficiently without generating these byproducts. They are eco-friendly and guaranteed safe to use.

3. Easy Accessibility

HEPA filter systems are widely available. You can purchase other HEPA systems, such as air purifiers, humidifiers, plumbing vents and many others.

4. Best for Newborns

Newborns are vulnerable to allergens. If you are a parent, you must invest in a HEPA air filter system to protect your infant from allergies. This filter purifies the air and prevents respiratory infections. An air cleaner helps keep them safe from respiratory issues as they grow.

5. Minimises the Impact of Smoking

A HEPA air filter system removes airborne smoke particles and contaminants. The presence of a HEPA air purifier in a room that requires cleansing will protect your family members from health hazards.

Do you know that secondhand smoke is deadlier than firsthand? If it is not possible to get away with a smoker at home, an air purifier with HEPA filter is your best protection.

6. Neutralises Bad Odours

Chemicals, such as gas and formaldehyde, can spread in an enclosed space and emit a foul odour. These chemicals are classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are found in air fresheners, aerosols and paint. VOCs cause headaches, nausea and breathing difficulties.

A HEPA air filter is highly effective with VOCs because they do not simply mask unpleasant orders. They get rid of them entirely and trap nasty air pollutants.

7. Protects From Pet Allergies

If you have a pet furball in your home, you must also invest in a HEPA air filter. Pet allergens and pet hair settle on furniture and other surfaces like carpets. They harm your indoor air quality and can cause allergies. However, if you are already allergic, pet allergens can even exacerbate your symptoms.

Do HEPA Filters Wear Out?

There are various air purifier filters, each lasting for a different period depending on how it eradicates impurities from the air around you. For example, a HEPA air filter utilises thin layers of porous material to trap small particles in the air. But the filters eventually wear out from saturation and build-up, capturing airborne particles.

Be aware that not all units have the same specifications, so the lifespan of a HEPA air filter depends on the filter type, size and usage. For example, carbon filters have three to five years of average lifespan. A larger HEPA air filter can last up to five years under the right conditions. Two to three years is a more realistic estimation in spaces with larger numbers of particulate matter in the air. 

Some air purifiers will need more frequent filter changes. Hence, carefully read your air purifier’s manual to determine its filter life.

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