HEPA Air Purifiers for Filtering Dust and Air Disinfection

How good is your home or office air quality? 

The World Health Organization and even CHOs in Australia advise that ventilation is important in the current climate. Your home is designed to protect you from outside pollutants. However, you might not realise that you are also exposed to indoor pollutants and particles. Undoubtedly, these contaminants can lead to serious illnesses. They can irritate your eyes, skin and ultimately produce allergies. Moreover, they can aggravate lung diseases and even cause you to develop respiratory infections. 

Hence, breathing clean air is essential to keep your body healthy and your home protected. And one solution to this is through the use of an air purifier or air cleaner. 

Today, many people are becoming aware of the increase in innovation and production of air purifiers. This is mainly to solve issues over poor air quality. More importantly, the number of these devices in the market has largely increased to combat COVID-19.  

But with all the air purifiers present in the market, how do you know if they are reliable in removing pollutants? And if they are, which ones are effective?

Our HEPA Air Purifiers

Selecting the right HEPA air purifier or any air cleaner device for your home is crucial if you are serious about breathing clean air.  In choosing one, you have to consider the area of your home which needs to be purified or from which you want to remove the pollutants. 

A leading distributor of commercial and domestic cleaning, hygiene, air purification and restoration products in Australia, Cleanstar is also now a distributor of HEPA air purifiers. We commit to providing quality and reliable products to our customers, so we only partner with trusted brands.

Our HEPA air filtration system product comes from a world-leading brand, Rensair. For years, it continues to be an effective solution to combat air contamination. Rensair technology is a great investment for homes, businesses and institutions.

Our Rensair HEPA air purifier is designed to clean your air by eliminating dust, pollen, allergens, mould spores, yeast and odour. Perhaps the most valuable benefit of the Rensair product is its 99.97% efficacy. It succeeds in capturing airborne pathogens which includes the coronavirus.

RENSAIR QO1B Product Overview

This device uses the latest technology HEPA 13 filters and ozone-free UVC light to produce a  cleaning capacity of up to 560 cubic meters per hour. Originally built for hospitals, Rensair  uses high-quality hospital-grade parts to ensure that it can purify the air especially for low ventilated areas and enclosed spaces.

Key Features:

Portable with 360-degree air intake making it suitable for any space.

No need to install it because it is a plug and play device. It uses electricity to function.

Compact design that is easily transferred from one area to another.

Low maintenance. The device is capable of operating for 9,000 hours continuous run time without the need to change the filter. The device includes wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Adjustable setting that allows you to choose from low, medium and high cleaning settings.

The technology integrates an internal UV lamp that kills pathogens and microorganisms trapped on the HEPA 13 filter surface.

What is a HEPA Filter?

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is a type of mechanical filter to remove particles, dust and pollutants from the surrounding air. It contains thin glass fibres arranged in paper-like folds that act as the filter.

Both large and small particles, even those with a size of 0.3 microns are trapped with high efficiency. Hence, when manufacturers integrate these filters into the air cleaner and air purification devices, they can keep your environment healthy. 

Given that many products claim to have HEPA filtering technology, it may be daunting to find the right one. With this, you have to consider its features, filtering efficiency, as well as coverage. 

One way to choose the best air purifier for your home is to do your research. Take time to look up the manufacturer’s product so that you will know if it meets your specifications.

Clean Air with Air Purifiers

As our home environment becomes susceptible to pathogens, household dust, vehicle exhaust and even smoke from bushfires, we need to clean our air. While most homeowners address this issue through regular cleaning and vacuuming, it’s not enough. Aside from dust and smoke, there are microorganisms that we don’t normally see. And, if not all, most of these organisms are harmful to human health. 

Improving your indoor air quality is the best strategy to keep your family safe and illness-free. A practical way to do this is to install the right air cleaner device for your unique situation. A HEPA air purifier is your best solution in cleaning the air in your home.

About Rensair

As you look for the right fit, you will come across many brands that will try to persuade you with their product specifications. Unfortunately, HEPA air cleaners are not created equal, and they have their limitations. Some will not even deliver the promised quality and performance.

The good news is that Rensair is an expert in air purification systems. Its hospital-grade portable air purifier proudly meets the air purification standards in Scandinavian hospitals and the UK SAGE committee.

Rensair continues to invest in technological innovations to ensure that the highest standards in quality will always deliver the best outcome. With Rensair, protecting your health does not have to be difficult. Cleaning your air through RENSAIR HEPA13 UVC Air Purifier will also give you peace of mind.

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