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Cleaner Air For Your Kids? Get HEPA Air Purifiers

Are you looking for a way to keep the air clean in your home? 

A HEPA air purifier might be the perfect solution. 

HEPA air purifiers can help safeguard your kids against harmful particles, such as pet dander, pollen and dust, keeping them free from allergens whilst breathing quality indoor air. They also remove unwanted pollutants and irritants from the air. 

There are many other ways your children can benefit from air purifiers with HEPA air filters.

How Air Pollution Affects Children?

The air we breathe can be affected by many different factors. Air pollution affects not just where you live or work; it also has an effect on what goes into your body when you’re inhaling indoor or outdoor air. 

Air pollution is an issue that affects everyone, but children are mostly at risk because their developing bodies and immune systems are more susceptible. The air they breathe can cause problems like asthma or increased incidences of respiratory illnesses. 

If you’re pregnant and are exposed to air pollution, this can affect your baby’s lung development. This can potentially lead to low birth weight and premature birth.

In addition, air pollution is one of the leading causes of illness in children under five. In fact, it accounts for 1 out 10 deaths among this demographic group. 

Do Air Purifiers Help With Reducing Air Pollution?

Air purifiers ‘purify’ the air per se, but not all air purifiers can eliminate or neutralise all pesky irritants inside your home. Why? Because many of these particles can stubbornly stick on soft surfaces, such as carpeting, bedding and furniture, and even on walls. If these irritants stay there for a long time, chances are they can be disturbed by human activities and get ingested in the lungs. 

These particles may contain pathogens that can cause disease. That’s why a HEPA air purifier is more appropriate to use because it has a HEPA filter that can completely remove airborne particles. 

Benefits of HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Children

The importance of clean air cannot be stressed enough. Air purifiers help anyone in the household or in school that’s within their range. They provide particular benefits for children and adults too. 

Air purifiers can be used in many different ways to make your home comfortable and clean. They are great for filtering out dirt, pollutants or even viruses. Here are some of the amazing benefits of HEPA air purifiers. 

Calm Anxieties

We all know how important it is to reduce the amount of anxiety in our lives, but did you also realise that an air purifier can help? Clean air makes a significant difference when reducing both mental and physical fatigue. 

Air purifiers are designed to make our space clean, safe and comfortable, which in turn can lower the level of stress and anxiety you feel. 

Help Children With Seasonal Allergies

When you’re feeling like your home has been taken over by annoying allergens, it’s time for a HEPA air filter purifier. It will help clear out the majority of allergen-aggravating particles from around every corner too small to see with the naked eye.

The best air purifiers will not only make your home smell better but also improve the overall quality of life by eliminating common allergens like dust, dirt pollen and pet dander. This helps alleviate allergy symptoms and helps you breathe easier. 

Protect Against Asthma and Other Respiratory Issues

The air you breathe can trigger asthma symptoms. If your home or workplace is dusty, smoke filled and full of other allergens like pollen, then an air purifier may be your way to help reduce these triggers.  

Portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifiers can reduce harmful dust particles in your home by around 25% to 50%. This will help you breathe easier, so it’s a great investment for you and for anyone who suffers from asthma attacks or allergies. 

More Comfortable Breathing Air

Whilst children are still developing, the structure in their body changes and they breathe faster than adults. In fact, they have more breathing space in proportion to their weight compared to adults. Their respiratory rates in beats per minute are faster than average adults.

Having said that, if they breathe polluted air, their newly developed bodies will be susceptible to disease. Hence, the need for them to have clean surrounding air with the help of a HEPA air filter purifier is essential. 

 What to Look For in an Effective Air Purifier?

It’s important to do thorough research prior to choosing a HEPA air purifier for your kids. Doing so ensures you’ll find an effective and the most appropriate air purifier that will target certain concerns, may it be about allergens, dust, mould or smoke. In the end, your research guarantees that what you purchase actually does the job for you and your family. 

The following are what to consider when selecting the right air purifier: 

  • Know the size of the particles your chosen air purifier can filter. It should be proven and tested. 
  • Consider the space or size of the area where you need it the most. 
  • Make sure to look for a true HEPA filter. 
  • Look for a HEPA with a carbon-activated filter; this eliminates nasty smells. 
  • Narrow down your concerns when purchasing an air purifier. This will help your new purchase process.

RENSAIR: The World’s Best Air Purifier

The HEPA filter is a great way to keep your house clean and healthy. It removes 99.97% of all particles from the air stream, including allergens and pollen which can trigger allergies or asthma.

RENSAIR air purifiers offer you the best hospital-grade air purifier that helps residential, commercial spaces and health facilities maintain clean healthy breathing air. It’s the best HEPA air purifier in Australia.

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