Clean Air With Rensair

The ongoing pandemic has made us rethink the safety and quality of the air we breathe. Many air purifiers are available in the market nowadays, all claiming to be effective in protecting against coronavirus, but what makes good top air purifiers? 

A good air purifier is able to eliminate air pollutants in any given space, and this is why Rensair air purifier is the best in the market. It is effective and unique!

Rensair air purifier is a hospital-grade purifier that is being used widely in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Unlike a common air purifier for dust that traps particles, Rensair can kill airborne bacteria and viruses with its HEPA 13 filters and UVC light up to 99.97%. The UVC light is effective in destroying the DNA/RNA level of viruses and bacteria. 

Rensair HEPA filter air purifier is a patented technology that has been tested for its effectiveness by independent laboratories. It can clean up to 20,000 cubic feet every hour and has 360-degree airflow. The motor draws the air in, cleans it and distributes it at 360 degrees. 

According to the Oslo University Hospital data, the air purifier effectively kills viruses, bacteria, yeast and allergens in the house. It is also a good tool for nursing homes and other areas that are constantly exposed to people. Other institutions, such as the Eurofins and Norconsult, have also independently tested the Rensair HEPA filter air purifier and observed similar results.

Why Choose Rensair?

Rensair is not your typical air purifier. Its UVC light and HEPA filter technology make it suitable for use in all commercial, residential or industrial settings. It is a hospital-grade cleaner that has met benchmark standards.  

Aside from viruses and bacteria, it can also remove the odour caused by everyday household fumes, such as from cooking. Rensair Purifier is 80 cm tall and 42 cm in diameter, which means you can put it anywhere, and it comes with wheels so you can move it quickly. It doesn’t require complex installation; simply plug it, and it’s ready to go.

This air purifier is also a low-maintenance cleaner, and you can change the filter after 9000 hours of use. This is equivalent to changing the filter once a year with continuous use. The purifier will also let you know when it is time to change the filter.

Rensair History

Rensair purifier was started a decade ago by Danish engineer and inventor Henrik Hendriksen. It was out of the desire to help his son who was then suffering from severe allergies, and his extensive knowledge and expertise in ventilation technology brought the project to life. Today, along with his brother Christian Hendriksen, they were able to develop a technology that is capable of improving the air quality of our homes and working space. 

Check us out if you are interested to buy an air purifier from Rensair. Cleanstar will assist you in the process to make everything go smoothly from query to purchase