6 Unknown Benefits of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can be an effective tool in minimising your exposure to allergens and other airborne contaminants. However, there are many other benefits unknown to you. 

Let’s discuss six little-known advantages of air purifiers in your home.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

An air purifier is a device that cleans the air, making it healthier for you to breathe. Air purifiers use a combination of two main types of technology: electrostatic and evaporative. 

  1. Electrostatic technology draws in contaminants by electrically charging them and then sucking them into a filter. 
  2. Evaporative technology uses fans to pull airborne particles through a series of chambers and filters.

Air purifiers come in various shapes and sizes, and some even have special features like remote controls. There are several different types of air purifiers, including portable models that you can move from room to room and stationary models that you can place in your home or office. 

All air purifiers help to remove contaminants from the air you breathe so you can feel less congested and more comfortable. To filter out pollutants and contaminants, air purifiers work as a sieve. Thus, they make an excellent addition to any home, especially if they are built with a HEPA filter and a UV lamp. This combination is a powerful way to trap allergens and kill them instantly.

Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Clean air plays an important part in providing a good and healthy body. Breathing in clean, healthy indoor air can provide long-term health benefits. Most people are also unaware of how an air purifier can greatly prevent annoying allergies that can eventually aggravate your respiratory conditions. 

Here are the 6 unknown benefits of using an air purifier that can save your family from unwanted illnesses.

Reduced Risk of Infection

One of the most important functions of the immune system is to protect the body against infection. White blood cells are constantly on patrol, searching for foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Once these pathogens are detected, the immune system springs into action to destroy them before they can make us sick. 

However, the immune system can only do its job properly if it is functioning optimally. And one of the key factors that can affect its performance is air quality. 

Exposure to high levels of indoor air pollution can suppress the activity of certain types of white blood cells, making it more difficult for the body to fight off infection. On the other hand, breathing clean, pure air can help to keep the immune system functioning at its best.

Fewer Headaches and Migraines

Whilst there can be many different triggers for debilitating headaches and migraines, one of the most common is exposure to poor air quality. 

Poor air quality can trigger headaches and migraines in susceptible individuals. Air pollutants and the scent of strong fragrances around can cause a reaction in the nose’s blood vessels, which then constricts important circulation and triggers a mild to severe migraine or headache.

By using an air purifier to remove contaminants from the air, you can help to reduce your risk of developing headaches or migraines.

Improved Sleep Quality

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for good health and well-being. When you sleep, your body can rest and repair, preparing you for the day ahead. However, poor air quality can disrupt your sleep patterns and prevent you from getting the rest we need. 

Contaminants, such as dust mites, mould spores and pet dander, can all trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems that make it difficult to breathe at night. This can lead to restless nights spent tossing and turning, resulting in fatigue during the day. 

An air purifier can help remove these contaminants from the air and reduce snoring caused by blocked airways through the nose and mouth. The white noise from an air purifier can also help you sleep better. The soothing ambient sound is proven effective for those people who have trouble sleeping in noisy or quiet surroundings.

 Increased Energy Levels

Exposure to pollutants has also been shown to cause fatigue during the day, as well as feelings of lethargy. This is because of frequent decongestion, sneezing and coughing due to the poor quality of air around. The stuffy feeling takes away happy hormones and makes you lazy the whole day. 

With the use of an air purifier, you can remove these contaminants from the air, allowing you to function better and be motivated to move around or do your home workouts. This will result in easier breathing and increased energy levels during the day.

Lower Stress Levels

Exposure to toxins in the air promotes aging of the skin. A dry, pale and wrinkly face and skin due to poor air quality affects not just your physical health but also your mental health. 

The high levels of indoor air pollution have also been linked to increased stress levels and anxiety. Due to the poor quality of air, a person can become restless and agitated. This makes it hard to get the relaxing moment you are looking for after a day’s work.

Improved Concentration and Cognitive Function

Poor air quality isn’t just bad for your physical health; it can also hurt your cognitive function. The combined stress you may have been experiencing due to poor indoor air quality and your exposure to pollutants may result in decreased concentration and memory problems. With an air purifier to remove contaminants from the air, you can help improve your concentration and cognitive function.

Where Should You Place Your Air Purifier for Maximum Benefits?

You may want to place your air purifier in the room where you spend the most time. This could be the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen.

If you have more than one air purifier, you can also place one in each room. With the HEPA air purifier’s sleek design, it can be placed anywhere at home or the office. 

It is also important to keep the air purifier away from any potential sources of contamination. This includes things like open windows, doors, vents and even plants. This ensures that your air purifier is working as effectively as possible.

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An air purifier offers many benefits, including improved respiratory health, increased energy levels, lower stress levels and improved cognitive function. An air purifier can also help to improve the quality of your sleep and the appearance of your skin. 

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